5 Home Remedies For Dandruff that works!

Dandruff is a common form of eczema known as Seborrhoeic dermatitis that affects the scalp and other parts of the skin causing an itchy scalp and flaky skin.Dandruff occurs in oily parts of the body such as the scalp, the armpits, ears, sides of the nose, face and chest.However, a lot of people think dandruff affects only the hair scalp.

However, Dandruff has several causes which are seborrhoeic dermatitis, psoriasis, allergies, eczema and some others.People diagnosed with HIV and Parjunson’s are prone to dandruff.
It is common in both sexes.The effects of Dandruff worsen during winter.There are two types of dandruffs namely: oil dandruff and dry dandruff.
Oily dandruff occurs when there is too much presence of sebum on the scalp.Naturally sebum helps to keep the scalp moist but too much sebum leads to oily scalp and dandruff.Oily dandruff can be tough to treat.
Dry dandruff occurs mainly in people with dry skin, it is a very common type of dandruff but it’s not hard but to treat compared to oily dandruff.
Natural remedies can be time consuming but it sure those give a good result.
Below are some natural remedies for dandruff.
1.Lemon juice:Lemon juice contains some vitamins that can help to fight the fungi which triggers dandruff.
Extract lemon juice, dilute with water, shake very well and then apply it to your hair.Perform this action daily.It serves as a natural hair shampoo.It also reduces itching on the scalp.
2.Endeavor to wash your hair regularly: According to Dr. Alice Wright, Washing your hair regularly helps to keep the scalp clean and avoid accumulation of diets which may eventually lead to dandruff.
3.Avoid scratching the affected part:It might be tempting to scratch it off but no, do not scratch off the dandruff(especially dandruff on the nose) because it might cause inflammations or lead to bleeding.
4.Aloe Vera gel:Rub aloe vera gel round the affected and wash it off after 30 minutes.Also, rub the aloe vera gel on the scalp gently.This aloe vera gel will help to keep the dandruff from multiplying and also to prevent inflammations.
5.Avoid eating refined foods:According to Dr. Sandy Griffin, refined and processed food should be avoided completely as they may increase the amount of oil on the scalp which can lead to oily dandruff. Dr. Sandy went further to say that people suffering from dandruff should eat balanced diet and most importantly eat vegetables and fresh fruits.
These natural remedies might take some time before you begin to see the results. All you have to do is exercise patience and you will see the results.
Source 1: thehealthsite.com

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