eBOOK: Secrets of UNIUYO Admissions: An Insider's Perspective. – By De Kemcy (N500)

There is no royal road to learning, no shortcut to the acquisition of valuable knowledge. Indeed, the trustfulness of those words by Anthony Trollope can be seen in the series of step-wise hurdles in the quest of knowledge acquisition. Getting admission into the University of Uyo continues to get more difficult as the years roll by and just like Trollope above, It takes only the die-hard, committed and well informed candidate to beat the competition and scale through. Be different and stand out from the crowd! get this detailed documentary of admission success secrets – the do’s, dont’s and maybe’s towards admission secrets into your dream school this year. It’s a 5 year old episodically arranged eBook that will transform your life forever. It’s not for just anybody – only those who know what they really want should buy!

Inside this eBook
To start with, do you know its going to be you against over 1000 candidates seeking admission into your dream department to study the same course you are fighting for? So if we do the maths, your chance of getting admission is not even up to 1 (0.001%). So, ignorance is no defense!getting to know the Secrets of UNIUYO Admissions based on an Insider’s Perspective Remember, would rather be the most novel option to take. It is here you will see what the ordinary person does not see, do what the ordinary candidate would not do and get to know what the casual candidate does not know. As it is being said, those who have gone before have seen ahead, also the early bird catches the worm. ACT FAST! because if you are not well informed, you are deformed and terribly malnourished. you need to know WHAT WORKS TODAY. Information rules the world. It is a choice you have to take it for success. It is a treasure, a long hidden secret – only for serious minds. Contained in this eBook includes the following and more:
a. The do’s, dont’s and maybe’s.
b. Admissions by Hook and by Crook: Procedures and Risks.
c. Needless torments from Needless fears (UPDATED).
d. Heroes’ examples – what you must know and not know.
e. How to make it through UNIUYO at first sitting.
f. The other side of the coin.
g. Hidden Secrets unveiled: The Spiritual angle – Part 1, 2 & 3
h. Before, During and After the UNIUYO Post UTME.
i. The VC’s List and the Real UNIUYO Runs
j. Why you may still fail

About the author(s)
This book is authored by Ekemini De Kemcy (B.Eng, Hons – in view., UNIUYO). De Kemcy was a first grade student of the University of Uyo between 2009/10 and 2013/14. A passionate writer, entrepreneur and Tech savvy, this young man has helped thousands gain admission into this school over the years through his generous advises, materials and study guides. Having been an insider in the system, he has seen it all both as a candidate, student and graduate who is actively involved and well connected within the admissions arm of the school. “Secrets of UNIUYO Admissions: An Insider’s Perspective” is aimed at raising a superfluous consciousness in the mind of serious candidates who want to make it at once to University education. It is an adventure, a true life account, a documentary of events, an eye opener, a book for only serious minds who know what they really want and how to get it.It is also for you.
How to get a copy of this eBook
The ebook, ‘Secrets of UNIUYO Admissions: An Insider’s Perspective‘ shall be available for downloads in a short while. currently being updated, the eBook boasts of being capable of offering its reader over 50% confidence and chance of admissions into the university. book a copy now and get it via email instantly. CLICK HERE TO ORDER A COPY

N500 only ($2)


Download free copy: episode 1

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