How to get updated (2015) UNIUYO post UTME Aptitude Test past questions and answers.

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Why get updated UNIUYO post UTME Aptitude Test past questions and answers?

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Most of these past questions were tirelessly revamped and reproduced with very high quality prints or PDF as the case may be. It pains us to see candidates being sold FAKE UNIUYO post UTME past questions, which they innocently but ignorantly study and after which still fail the post UTME screening (bad indeed!). Additionally, this move was to assist candidates living far from the school premises get these past questions instantly from their remote, convenient locations (via email). This saves time and money, energy, guides against risks and other allied contingencies.

How to make payment

We earnestly implore you to conscientiously study these UNIUYO post  UTME past questions made available on this site for a better performance at the screening exercise in your school of choice. All post UTME past questions sold on this site costs N1000 only and payment may be made via any of Bank deposits, ATM Transfers, Online transfers etc.