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Official List of Courses Offered In Novena University & Information on Novena University

Welcome to the Official list of Courses Offered in Novena University. Before we delve into courses in Courses Offered in Novena University or List of Courses Novena University offers, let’s first have an overview of the School

Novena University is located in Amai Delta State Nigeria. The motto of the university is ‘knowledge through diligence’

Novena University has been established to meet the yearnings and aspirations of our youths and women who are unable to get opportunities for education since the spaces available in existing institutions cannot accommodate a good percentage of those who apply each year in Nigeria for admission.

According to the university ‘Our interest as you stay with this university is to create a pathway for a life journey, which is a time of great personal growth.

Our programmes are like an onion as they provide education which encourages critical and intuitive thought, adding layers of understanding to one’s view of the world and developing the skills needed to participate in the occupational environment as well as interpersonal relationships’.

Below is a List of Courses offered in Novena University. If you are interested in this school, then see Information on Novena University below.

College of Medicine

Medicine and Surgery

College of Natural and Applied Sciences





Petrochemicals and Industrial Chemistry

Computer Science

Information Technology

Telecommunications Management

Energy and Petroleum Studies

Physics and Electronics

College of Management and Social Sciences


Banking and Finance

Business Administration



Intelligence and Security Studies


Mass Communication

Political Science

Public Administration

International Relations and Strategies Studies

College of Health Sciences

Nursing / Nursing Science



Thank you for your interest in List of Courses offered in Novena University. We have listed all Department and Faculties in Novena University.

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