Why I Do What I Do – Writing !

One of the sweetest hobbies i enjoy doing is writing. I’ve been a writer all my life, right from writing “My Mum is the Best cook” in Primary 2 [Hillside Intl, School, Uyo] through to writing “My Mum is the Peak Mum of the Year” in JSS 3 and then a series of others of which the very compelling ones at least as i can remember includes:
“Unity in Diversity: A Tool For National Development” in SS 2, and then “Teachers of Today are Better than Teachers of Yesteryear” in SS 3 – all at C.C.S.S. Four Towns, Uyo. So I’ve come a long way in this ministry.

But these were compelling thoughts most of the time dashed by regulation and corrupt tendencies of those accessing the essays at the time.

So i decided to do it my own way, first and still for fun. But more than that today, as an additional source of income.

Summary: Don’t copy people because you see them excelling at a thing. Find your own passion, develop it and become the king in your own domain. the more you copy people, the more you limit your God-given potentials in life.

Be Original, Find and Fix your own Passion for a sure success.

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