You need some knowledge of Health, Safety/Security and Environmental Sustainability (HSE). Garnishing this with a professional certification in the field would go a long way in improving not just your societal status quo but also that of your person as an individual. It adds more value to your CV, although that’s not the main aim/objective(s) of HSE training or certification.

Personally, I am HSE certified and the two day training cost me N10,000. Other companies charge as much as N50,000. The organization that trained  me (MITA) normally charge N35,000 but being a Youth Corp member my fee was slashed to N10,000 and I gladly obliged.  I can’t fully explain the many benefits that 2-day training provided me, but honestly I learnt a lot of things I’ve never known even throughout my five years of university education – and these would enhance me through my lifetime apart from the fact that the certificate I hold today in HSE is internationally recognized. Hence, I am proud to be named an HSE Supervisor.
Do you know that in Nigeria and most other parts of the world today, HSE certification is a prerequisite to securing a job/employment. This is because every workplace is faced with several forms of hazards and your ability to identify these hazards and risks factors goes a long way in securing your safety from harms, accidents and avoidable unfavourable circumstances in your workplace whether you are working for an organization or for yourself – it is important. Remember, NO KNOWLEDGE IS WASTED and Ignorance is no defense! Also, do not forget that to be forewarned is to be forearmed and the more you know, the lesser your likelihood of being harmed. So get trained today – it will help you in so many ways.
*MITA stands for Millennium Training Acquisition Limited. They offer certification HSE programs in HSE Level 1, 2 & 3. MITA is affiliated with and Licenced by DPR (Department of Petroleum resources) of Nigeria, International Institute of Risk & Safety management (IIRSM) in the United Kingdom and is a member of British Safety Council. All these attest to the authenticity of their training programmes of which I am a beneficiary. I invite you to take your own stand today.

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  1. Akintola Betty
    February 22, 2017
  2. Akintola Betty
    February 22, 2017

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