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List Of UNIUYO Assignment Topics With Ready Materials

  1. Discuss national unity and integration with respect to Nigeria society and explain in 5 ways how the goal of promoting national integration can be hindered. State clearly the importance or advantage of national unity and national integration.
  2. Natural law and international relations (Philosophy of Law)
  3. Non-violent change: A Sociological appraisal of the menace of insurgency in Nigeria (Typewritten, 10 pages)
  4. Discuss the major contending issues in Nigeria government and politics in the 4th republic and supply (suggest) the way forward. (Typewritten, 10 pages)
  5. James T. Shotwell and the philosophy of history. (Include Introduction and footnotes)
  6. Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the philosophy of history. (Include Introduction and footnotes)
  7. Access tools and utilization of library resources in Nyong Essien library. (Hint: Variables: library catalogs, indexes, abstracts, bibliographies and other information retrieval tools.
  8. Toxic substances: their effects and preventive measures (10 pages)
  9. Toxic substances and their effects on workers, stating their preventive measures. Discuss.
  10. Different societal epoch has been shaped or destroyed by a particular ideology. Discuss.
  11. Cyber Defense and Threats To Mobile Applications
  12. The Impact of ICT Revolution On The Entertainment Industry
  13. ICT For Youth Empowerment And Poverty Reduction
  14. The Influence Of ICT On The Accessibility And Quality Of Healthcare Services
  15. E-Waste Management And Environmental Sustainability
  16. ICT Innovations For Improved Agricultural Production
  17. E-Learning: Approaches, Tools And Challenges
  18. The Place of ICT In Church Ministry And Branding
  19. Applications of Computer In The Banking Sector
  20. Windows-based Applications Software: Features And Benefits.
  21. Discuss the constitutional provision towards national budget
  22. Is the Nigerian government evaluating the constitutional provision regarding minimum wage of national civil servants?
  23. Check what the constitutional provision has to do with resource allocation
  24. Elaborate On The Role Of Conflict In The Evolution Of International Organizations
  25. Identify And Comment On Any Two Universally Adopted Traditional African Conflict Resolution Technique
  26. Elaborate On The Role Of Conflict In The Evolution Of International Organizations
  27. Comment Upon Diplomacy As An Instrument Of Conflict Management
  28. Apply The Three Levels Of Analysis To Explain The Second World War.
  29. With Concrete Examples, Illustrate The Benefits Of Conflict To Civilization And Globalization
  30. Territorial Disputes In South East Asia Sea Can Lead To International Conflict. Discuss.
  31. Syrian Armed Conflict Is A Recipe For World War. Do You agree?
  32. Examine The Roles Of At Least Three (3) Regional Organizations In Conflict Resolution.
  33. Critically Evaluate The Contributions Of Karl Max To International Conflict
  34. Review The Impact Of Terrorism On International Conflict.





Instruction: Pick a topic below and answer corresponding to the last digit of your registration number

  1. “The country Nigeria is a state with many nations”. Elaborate on this assertion. (Reg. No. 0 – 1)
  2. To what extent do you agree that “Nigeria is federal in name but largely unitary in practice?” (Reg. No. 2 – 3)
  3. Examine the veracity of the statement that “modern democracies cannot exist without political parties” (Reg. No. 4 – 5)
  4. To what extent do you agree that “the terms state and society are synonyms”? (Reg. No. 6 – 7)
  5. “Answer to Nigeria’s nationality question can be found by tackling the prevailing indigenes – settlers problem in the country.” Expatiate. (Reg. No. 8 – 9)

Signed: Dr. E. S. I. Ejere (Lead Lecturer)

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