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Welcome to the Official list of Courses Offered in Coal City University. Before we delve into courses in Courses Offered in Coal City University or List of Courses Coal City University offers, let’s first have an overview of the School

Coal City University (CCU) is a private, co-educational university in southeastern Nigeria. It is located in the city of Enugu, the capital and largest city of Enugu State. The university has two campuses — one at Emene and the other at Independence Layout, that spread over 432 acres of land. The university was granted approval at a federal executive council meeting in November, 2016.

The vision of the university is to engender a mastery of critical thinking skills which will manifest in the ability to apply the concepts and knowledge acquired to real life situations.

The mission of the Coal City University is to promote self-developmental educational process that will challenge and stimulate the students’ potentials for creative thinking by exposing them to Information and Communication Technology which would assist the actualization of self-development.”

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Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences






Computer Science



Faculty of Arts, Social and Management Sciences

History and Diplomatic Studies

English and Literary Studies


Business Administration


Political Science


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