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Official List of Courses Offered In Gregory University Uturu & Information on Gregory University Uturu

Welcome to the Official list of Courses Offered in Gregory University Uturu. Before we delve into courses in Courses Offered in Gregory University Uturu or List of Courses Gregory University Uturu offers, let’s first have an overview of the School

Gregory University Uturu (GUU) is located in Uturu, Abia State in Nigeria. It is a Private Christian University named after Pope Gregory I. The Vice-chancellor of the university is Professor Moses Iwuala.

The Vision of Gregory University is to be a world renowned University noted for the high quality of its academic and research programme as well as its Professionals, practical and entrepreneurial capacity development. The  mission of Gregory University is to produce God fearing, ethically sound and highly skilled global leaders who shall be catalyst for technological and socio-economic advancement in their environment.

Below is a List of Courses offered in GUU Gregory University Uturu. If you are interested in this school, then see Information on GUU below.

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

Medicine and Surgery

Human Physiology

Medical Biochemistry

Medical Anatomy

College of Engineering

Civil Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Computer Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

College of Law


College of Environmental Sciences

Quantity Surveying

Surveying and Geo-informatics

Estate Management

Urban and Regional Planning


College of Agriculture


Hotel Management and Tourism

College of Humanities

History and International Studies

English and Literary Studies

Linguistics and Communication Studies

French and International Studies

Theater and Media Studies

College of Natural and Applied Sciences





Computer Science



College of Social and Management Sciences

Banking and Finance


Business Administration


Industrial Relations and Personnel Management

Political Science

International Relations



Thank you for your interest in List of Courses offered in Gregory University Uturu. We have listed all Department and Faculties in Gregory University Uturu (GUU).

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