Book Review On Detections By Imo Okon

A Book Review On Detections By Imo Okon

Hi, I am Ekemini Ekpo (Mr. KOKOHANDS). I will provide you the comprehensive Book review on Detections by Imo Okon.

I have carefully reviewed the book Detections By Imo Okon and have several copies of it at my disposal.

I have arranged the book review in line with the acceptable GST Book Reviews standard in the University of Uyo, in principle and in practice.

Below is a brief outline of this book – but NOT the book review itself.

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Detections By Imo Okon –Book Details

Pages: vi + 56 = 62

Publisher: Robertminder International Publishers

Language: English

ISBN:  978-37217-7-1

Publication:    2005

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A Book Review On Detections By Imo Okon

My name is Ekemini Ekpo popularly known as “Mr. KOKOHANDS”. I am a proficient writer and speaker of the English Language, with expertise in Language dissection and editorship. I’m highly experienced in Book Reviews, Literary Appreciation and Creative writings which I also teach. I have handled Book Reviews and other Literary reviews of different genres for over Five (5) years.

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About The Book

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DETECTIONS by Imo Okon is an anthology of short, well-articulated poems which introduce and poetically appeal to past, contemporary and futuristic events in our society. Its bearings transcend cultural, socio-political, religious and well as other well-meaning societal reliefs in Africa, nay Akwa-Cross of Nigeria. Albeit some entrances have been made from outside, the main scope of the work is the Akwa-Cross region of Nigeria.

The poet, Mr. Imp Okon artistically paints a picture of a society in the move to emerging realities. The information contained herein is well-communicated and the work itself is a legibly finished piece of literature

Contact me right away if you need full elicitation on this book and also a comprehensive, contextual book review on it.

About The Author

??insert author’s picture and brief profile here

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Detections By Imo Okon | KOKOHANDS RESEARCH

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