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Disclaimer Notice On Products (Post UTME Past Questions And Answers)

  1. We do not produce Post UTME Past Questions. Post UTME Past Questions and Answers are the sole property of their various institutions. We only sell what we obtain from each of the schools; we don’t add or subtract from the contents gotten.
  2. It is One School, One Post UTME Past Questions. Never will we sell one Post UTME Past Questions to different schools! That is totally against our business ethics. We have been in business for over five (5) years now due to our commitment to honesty and truth. Different schools set different questions. Hence, it is evil to sell the Post UTME Past Questions for UNIBEN, for example, to OAU candidates. Karma still works!
  3. Our Post UTME Past Questions and Answers are Up-to-date. Where the recent latest version is unavailable at the time, we shall make efforts to obtain them and send to you Free-of-charge.
  4. The answers to the Past questions are not fail-proof. So, you are advised to also consult your textbooks and other study materials to crosscheck the answers.
  5. Post UTME Past Questions sold on this site come majorly in PDF format. However, if you need the hard copy, we can still arrange and send them to you.

Our Trust Policy

5 Striking Reasons Why You Should Trust Us!!

I know you may have fears, hence decided to tell you aforetime that this is not a scam for the following glaring reasons:

  1. First, you have the picture of admins on this site (which many online sites don’t display). That should tell you that we are here for business and not jokes. With our pictures, it is very easy to track and apprehend us according to the Cyber Crime Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria if found wanting in anyway.
  2. Secondly, we periodically include videos where the admins of this site speak and explain certain things. With this, you can easily spot us anywhere in Nigeria because you’ve seen us in full, LIVE!
  3. Thirdly, you have seen our social media bio. For example, the you can contact one of our admins on facebook here Facebook handle. We are real social and free people. We are not internet fraudsters!
  4. You have the IP address of this website. With this, you can easily track and apprehended us using the relevant Law Enforcement Agencies in Nigeria if found wanting in any way.
  5. Lastly, you have our Bank Account Details to which is attached the BVN and National Identification Number (NIN) of the Admin. How on earth are we going to escape something goes amiss?

We hope that with this, you will reiterate your trust in us and do business with us hencefoth. Thank you for your understanding.

Post UTME Past Questions And Answers For My School

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