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Here is a public notice on how to apply for FRSC recruitment 2018.  Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC Recruitment for 2018 is ongoing. |

The Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC has opened the portal for FRSC recruitment 2018 application exercise. Interested applicants are invited to fill the application form on the FRSC Recruitment portal and submit it.

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Is FRSC Recruitment 2018 Form Out?

The Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC recruitment 2018 exercise as approved by the Federal Government (FG) of Nigeria. The portal for acceptance of applications from suitably qualified candidates for employment into the various available positions; Officer cadre, Marshal Inspectorate (MI) cadre, and the Road Marshal Assistant (RMA) cadre in a nationwide recruitment exercise.

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Questions FRSC Applicants Ask And Answers

We have been bombarded by numerous questions form our readers such as:

  1. When will FRSC Start recruitment for 2018?
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  4. What is FRSC Recruitment Requirements?
  5. Is FRSC Recruitment form out?
  6. How to apply for FRSC Recruitment?
  7. when will Federal Road Safety Corps begin Recruitment for 2018?
  8. Is FRSC Recruitment portal open for 2018/2019 application?

If you have been asking similar question, the good news is that FRSC has started recruitment for 2018. This page is designed to give you useful insight on how to apply for FRSC Recruitment for 2018.

Apply for FRSC recruitment 2018 – Learn About FRSC Briefly

The Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC is a government body created by the Federal Government in 1988 through decree no. 45.

In February 1988, by Decree No. 45 of 1988, as amended by Decree No. 35 of 1992, the Federal Government created the Federal Road Safety Commission, which is referred to in the law books as FRSC Act cap 141 of the Federation of Nigeria (LFN). Adopted by the National Assembly as the Road Safety (Budget) Safety Act.

The tasks of the Commission generally relate to;

  1. Make the highway safe for drivers and other road users.
  2. Recommendations for works and facilities to eliminate or minimize accidents on motorways and to advise federal and state governments, including the federal capital – area administration and the competent governmental authorities in the locations where such work and facilities are required, and
  3. Educating motorists and citizens about the importance of discipline on the highway.

In particular, the Commission is responsible for;

  1. Preventing or minimizing accidents on the highway;
  2. Removal of obstacles on any part of the motorways;
  3. Educating motorists, drivers and other road users about the proper use of motorways;
  4. Design and production of a driving license for use by different categories of vehicle operators;
  5. From time to time to determine the requirements that an applicant for a driver’s license must meet;
  6. Design and manufacture vehicle license plate
  7. The standardization of road traffic codes;
  8. Give immediate attention and care to the victims of accidents
  9. Carrying out investigations into causes of engine accidents and methods for their prevention and use of the results of such investigations;
  10. Establishing and enforcing speed limits for all categories of roads and vehicles and controlling the use of speed limiters;
  11. Cooperation with bodies or agencies or groups in road safety activities or in the prevention of accidents on motorways;
  12. To enact provisions that confer on any of the functions assigned to the Corps by or under this Act.
  13. Regulation of the use of sirens, turn signals and beacons on vehicles other than ambulances and vehicles of the armed forces, the Nigerian police, the fire brigade and other paramilitary bodies;
  14. Provision of mobile and outpatient clinics for the free treatment of accident victims;
  15. Regulation of the use of mobile phones by motorists;
  16. Regulation of the use of seat belts and other safety devices;
  17. Regulation of the use of motorcycles on the highway;
  18. Maintaining the period of validity of driving licenses, which may be three years after expiry of the period of validity; and
  19. In performing the duties, members of the Commission are empowered to arrest and prosecute those suspected of having committed a traffic offence.

What Are FRSC Recruitment For 2018/2019 Requirement?

The recruitment requirement for acceptance into the Federal Road Safety Corps is divided into different categories which include the Marshal Inspectorate cadre and this category, there are three subcategories namely, Marshal Inspector I (MI-I), Marshal Inspector II (MI-II), and Marshal Inspector III (MI-III).

Marshal Inspector I (MI-I) Requirements

Applicants under this category must;

  1. Possess a Higher National Diploma from recognized Institutions
  2. Possess an NYSC discharge certificates
  3. Be a Registered Nurse and Midwife
  4. Not be more than 30 years of age as at the time of submitting the application
  5. Be Nigerian by birth

Requirements For Marshal Inspector II (MI-II)

Applicants under this category must;

  1. Posses a Nigeria Certificate of Education (NCE)
  2. Be a Registered Nurse or Registered Midwife
  3. Not be more than 28 years of age
  4. Statement of result not more than five (5) years.

Requirements For Marshal Inspector III (MI-III)

Applicants in this category must;

  1. Possess a National Diploma (ND)
  2. Posses Community Health Extension Workers Certificate (CHEW)
  3. Not be more than 28 years of age

Requirements for Road Marshal Assistant II (RMAII)

Applicants under this category must;

  1. Possess a minimum of 5 credits in SSCE/GCE/NECO/NABTEB and must include Mathematics and English Language
  2. Not be more than 27 years of age

Requirements for Road Marshal Assistant III (RMAIII)

  1. Applicants in this category must;
  2. Possess a minimum of 3 credits in SSCE/GCE/NECO/NABTEB.
  3. Not be more than 27 years of age.

Artisans and Tradesmen Requirements

Applicants in this category equally fall into the same categories of RMAs, however, they must;

  1. Possess a minimum of 4 passes in SSCE/GCE/NECO/NABTEB
  2. Have Trade test or other professional Certificates
  3. Valid class of Drivers licence (for drivers and bikers)
  4. Not be more than 28 years of age

Requirements For Officer Cadre

Applicants in this category must;

  1. Possess a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized institution of higher learning in any of the following disciplines; Law, Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Laboratory Science, Psychology, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Insurance/Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology, Physical and Health Education, Accounting, Management Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Mass Communication, Social Sciences and Humanities.
  2. NYSC Discharge Certificate.

Requirements for Officer (MBBS) Cadre

Candidates in this category Must;

  1. Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized institution of higher learning in Medicine
  2. NYSC Discharge Certificate.

FRSC General Recruitment Requirements

  1. Be a Nigerian by birth.
  2. Not be less than 18 years or more than 30 years in 2018 (35 years will be considered for Medical and Articulated vehicle drivers).
  3. Applicant must not be married.
  4. Not be less than 1.68 metre for male and 1.63 metre for female in height.
  5. Have a fully expanded chest measurement of not less than 0.87 meters (men only)
  6. Be physically and mentally fit for para-military services
  7. Produce a certificate of medical fitness from a government hospital.
  8. Be free from any form of financial embarrassment be of good character and must not have been convicted of any offence.
  9. Applicants are also to note that computer literacy and possession of valid drivers’ license shall be added advantage for all cadres.
  10. Anyone found to have submitted false document(s) would be disqualified and prosecuted.

How to Apply For FRSC Recruitment 2018

If you have carefully go through the above requirements, you can now apply for the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC Recruitment exercise base on the category your qualifications falls into.

Visit the FRSC Recruitment portal at

Or Begin the Application below base on your qualifications;

  1. RMA Cadre Application
  2. MI Cadre Application
  3. Officer Cadre Application
  4. Officer(MBBS) Cadre Application

How Much Is FRSC Recruitment 2018 Form?

You wish to know how much is the FRSC Recruitment Form?

Well, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), FRSC Recruitment Application Form is completely FREE.

FRSC recruitment application for 2018 is done online on the FRSC official recruitment portal at

If you’re interested in applying, all you need do is to visit the recruitment portal given above. There, you will fill a short form and supply the required information asked you. Kindly upload the required documents requested and submit it to the portal.


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FRSC Recruitment 2018 Contact

Do you want to make any enquiries or there’s something you don’t understand concerning the FRSC recruitment process. The below contact is how you can reach us;

Enquiries should be directed to 122 (toll-free line), 08077690361, 08077690362, or send an email to See 6 Top Reasons Why People Don’t Get Jobs Here

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