How to become a Super-Mega-Star

In this world we’re living in, what is appreciated is stardom. If you must be celebrated, you must ba a star – a small star, a medium star, a macro star, a mega star, a super star, a super mega star (like mavins would say).
So it’s simple, become a star at what you are good at and you’ll be celebrated. The greater your coverage, the larger your acceptance. If you are not celebrated by many, it means your own level of stardom is small. so you just have to upgrade.

When i say star, don’t think of music alone (backyard mentality)! Your pastor is a star within the gosperelia, your father is a star perhaps at home, in church, politics, business etc. your siblings are stars depending on who celebrates them and it goes on and on.
I told myself, “De kemcy, can’t you just drop this thing you’re doing and go into music and be like Wizkid?” but one voice told me, “what will you really sing?, God has implanted something in you you just have to develop and you wanna divert attention? just develop it and you’ll shine”. so i backed aside and forged ahead.
The problem with us is that we deviate alot. We want to be like the artists – but these are not the only stars. If we can only focus on what we do, within a short while, with God on our side, we shall become Super-mega-stars whom other stars will equally be attracted to.
You are not a star if you don’t shine. Upgrade is the watchword, its left for us to take a stand today! to be a real star, you need to be connected to real stars. i won’t say much on this, I’ve made enough points already. You must foremostly connect to God. you must also work extremely hard and smart. You must be ready to do what the average person wouldn’t want to do. you must take chances and convert them beneficially. This is how to become a star. . . . it’s just my humble opinion, yet a fact!

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