How to get that material your stingy Lecturer uses to teach you but does not want to give out. See how to show him/her that you're even SMARTER here.

His course is a 2-credit load course and I must finish it in less than ten weeks. It’s such an important course in my programme and i must get my 5-points by all means necessarily possible, no doubt

about that. Personally, i’ve mapped out my strategies and all appears to be fine. But there is a problem. But thank God, i’m smarter than him, sorry, them. Just follow the gist on.

Whether the man knows vividly what he’s lecturing or not is not my problem. I have my reasons for saying so, might be you’ll get to know better later in the post. But virtually everyone knows that in this school, if you must pass any course, and pass very well, you must follow the lecturer’s material to the later. . . .Perhaps treat it like your semi-god. It’s that serious. But how does one handle this when d lecturer is so stingy with his course materials and refuses to give them out to his students? Such a lecturer is not wishing you well na, that’s just what it means, or perhaps that’s how i seem to see it. But all the same, God dey and i smart pass them. Lol!
Now, i’m that kind of a person that doesn’t like copying long notes. I would easily take down short notes and develop them (i.e. Form) later on. But that’s not even the issue here. To complexify (self-invented) my lecturer’s stinginess is the fact that he reads out the notes from his exalted material very fast. When i mean fast, i mean very fast. Thank God i’ve been blessed with equally faster ears. So with that, we complement each other. . . . Haha..
One thing i don’t also like doing is hovering around my mates after each lecture for the day’s lecture notes. I like being an independent 1-man squad, but as smart as wise men. Lol! In this particular situation, i must initiate a methodology to get the original stuff the man is using even without him knowing. I know that’s where questions for my tests, quiz, assignments and lastly, examination will come from, so no joke o.  See what i did below. . . And i think it was a smart idea, yes it truly was and is.
Did i tell you i like following my lecturer as he is lecturing? That’s the best way sha. You just have to like your lecturer or instructor. I don’t hate the man in any way. The only minus in his attitude is his hoarding of his lecture materials, which i don’t really know why! T-a-a-a-a-k, he knows what he’s doing, that’s his small secret book after all, that’s his little treasure mammon!! But all the same, i gotta find a way around this shit. . .wullup bro! so what was the way out? Lets ride on!
Now, if you have a stingy lecturer, tutor, instructor, director, teacher like mine with similar or more “bad!” characters towards his/her students or audience, and it appears your success for that particular course boils down to you following his/her material to the later, that is religiously, what do you do? If he/she refuses to give out the material, book, questions, tutorials etc and you’re in dire need of them, just follow my method below. . . . Thank God for Google. Don’t mind the man, just Google it! How?
To achieve this, just stay in class and get the notes he doles out to the later, bit for bit and word for word. After that, go on Google search engine, i’m sure you’ve known what Google is by now, so no need explaining that again! . . . Just type in at least a complete set of the lecturer or seminarian’s notes word for word into the search engine and you’ll see the material just pop-up like frog, and then you download it. It’s just that simple!
Enough of begging your stingy lecturers or cocky colleagues! Just do it that way, and before you know it. . . . Just like me, you’ll even be correcting your lectures of wrong use of tenses and grammar even before they flip to the next page. But don’t do that anyway. . . Just stay cool and keep being a smart, simple student. . . . I’ve got a lecture now, It’s my tablet (loaded with all my stingy lecturers’ notes) and i. . . .all the way to the middle seat in class.
I’ll be back with more gists, just start with this one, it’s still yours truly, #De_Kemcy #UNIUYO.
Now the question is, what if the material is not on Google? Wait! What material on earth is not on Google? Don’t forget most of our lecturers today have now digitalized, they surf the internet even more than you most times and do lots of downloads. But then, if his material is self developed, I’ve still got a way out for that, but I want you to share your own experience with us. Drop your comments pls. I really appreciate all your contributions.

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