How To Go To School

How to go to school is wide and touches on several issues such as motivation for schooling which invariably is why you wish to go to school, preparation and processes of gaining admission into any school you wish to go to, and means of transportation to school.

  1. Have The Desire and Determine To Go To School

To go to school, you must make up your mind to really go to school. That means you must have the desire for schooling and be determined to pursue it at all cost. Determination fuels the desire for going to school; you must really be determined to get a functional education via schooling by all means possible. Going to school is a thing of the mind; it sprouts from the mind and germinates into reality later on.

  1. Take the Necessary Entrance Examinations

It is this determination that will make you follow the proper channels of going to school. To go to school in Nigeria, for example, you must write an entrance examination at every stage of the schooling processes; at the primary school level, secondary school level, tertiary school level, and post-tertiary school level.

Some of the entrance examinations you can write to go to school in Nigeria include WASSCE, NECO, GCE, Post UTME etc. As a must, you must pass each of these examinations at every stage.

  1. Define Your Mode Of Transportation To School

Going to school does not start and end with mere desires to gain a functional education or passing entrance examinations. You must clearly define your means of transportation to school and there are many ways to achieve that. It is totally up to you to define your means of transportation to school – on foot, by bike, by scooter, by car, by train, by bus or even by plane if that is what you choose to use to go to school.

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