Before now gaining access to the UNIUYO INTERNET WIFI HOTSPOT didn’t require any login access. There was no need for Username and password from the

clients. Anyone from anywhere at any time could just access the network and browses the net via it entirely free of charge. Why this was so the administrator made me to understand last week while at her office here in the main campus, was so as to provide the students (for which it was primarily meant for) that sheer experience and privilege of accessing the internet via the schools platform, thereby testing its efficiency and performance. So the experience continued for about six months unstopped and we all clapped hands for the school for a job well done.

But today it’s not so again. The system has changed. You must login before you can access the internet via the UNIUYO HOTSPOT internet access. Not only this, the time became regulated. Your browsing stops the moment the network administrators retire for the day and you’re not required to browse the net using the school’s internet access on weekends or holidays. Meanwhile, browsing time via this privileged platform starts at about 11am. It therefore means you must exercise some patience before and after access. That is the way it is for now. 
Now, as concerning access to the uniuyo wifi internet service, it’s a simple one-two process. Not much is required, but you must be a student of the school. Aside from this, you would get a an access form from either your department or the general office, fill and get it endorsed by your departmental head, i.e. HOD, and with it, get to the access centre (here in the permanent site, the Zinox Lab). 
On getting there you’ll choose and get your password (case-sensitive) validated. Your username is your registration number (also case-sensitive). Once this is done, you’re automatically connected to the network and may commence browsing immediately or few minutes later. It’s that simple! That’s how to get your login access (username and password) for the UNIUYO HOTSPOT. 
 Now, while interacting with her on the issue or low quality of service, delivery and limited range of access, the UNIUYO HOTSPOT access centre admin noted that this was due to cost of maintenance. Also to purchase equipment and facilities to cater for such long ranges as from the access centre to the hostels, canteens, laboratories etc according to her, costs a lot of money. A little piece of equipment could cost hundreds of thousands of Naira should there be any breakdown, and if this should be included in the students’ tuition, then anarchy may ensue. So the students have to manage the little they are receiving now. Remember June 12th!  

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