So the rumour is finally true – that UNIUYO has hiked its Post UTME Form price this time by over a 50% increase from the stabilized N2000 which sold till 2014 to a whooping N3500 this year is indeed something to talk about. Did i say talk? oh that was too lame – might be i would have said, raise an alarm, a supplication to the gods. Well, truth remains that this stands as is contained in a statement documented (in PDF) on the school’s portal, Wonderful indeed, Jsssssss! Little wonder then why the form was reportedly available in the bank as at morning of this day and perhaps the 27th of July, 2015 but not made official on the school’s portal not until, 2015-07-27 09:22:15. N3500 to me is just too much, haba! At least N2500 if at all it must increase its fee, but N3500? No o o, it’s really high . . . or don’t you think so?

But that’s not the end. For the first time in its history, the University of Uyo has decided to reveal its departmental cutoff points to the public. As you must have known, this tradition of hiding the post UTME and other examination cutoff points from the straying eyes of the public has been a continuous ritual in the school’s bloodstream, top secret known only to the top-notch elements in the highly celebrated ivory tower. How things change, and like Achebe’s profound and most celebrated work, suddenly things fall apart. What a revelation, what could have warranted such, only God and those who orchestrated and engineered it know.
Could that be all? Hell NO! It appears this year the candidates are going to be in for haven or heat as the school now embarks on a campaign for Computer based testing (CBT) for a section of the candidates’ population while the rest would have to undertake Pencil-Paper testing (PPT). those taking the CBT are predominantly people offering science-related courses and education, while the candidates from the arts and commercial courses are given the choice of taking the PPT. this measure is in no way a bad idea, after all its been done before in the school –  GST Tests, 2014. So CBT is not entirely new, it’s been implemented in other institutions before and it worked, JAMB tried it, it has worked fine and UNIUYO has extended it to the Post UTME candidates – i hope it works too. But come to think of it, is Nigeria as a nation or is University of Uyo as an institution too small or backward to the effect that taking a CBT type of post UTME is now news, well its only news because it’s happening for the first time here.
Let me conclude by suggesting that perhaps the exigencies surrounding the immediate past paragraph is a function of the first paragraph – UNIUYO hikes its Post UTME form price because of cost of running the CBT. JAMB started it and their son (UNIUYO) has now followed.  Of cause, as it is being said, like father, like son. But if you ask me to suggest why the school decided to officially publish its cut-off point, then i would say, let me ask Yar’adua; might be he’d know better. Take this from me; getting admissions get tougher by the day, new strategies for pulling many out of the race, only the well-prepared can survive. Might be its high time you sat down and got serious for once. It’s not going to be business again, the way I see it going.
– By De Kemcy (Fmr. Comp. Engr. Dept., UNIUYO)
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