Walletours: How I Picked Up $290 (N98, 600) For Absolutely Free!!!


Imagine making about N98, 600 towards the end of this month (February 28, 2018) when the new coin, Walletours (WTS) will be launched! That’s when the coin will become fully incorporated into the cryptocurrency market. By then, it would have entered the coin market fully and got enlisted on coinmarketcap.com, the world’s seemingly most popular cryptocurrency listing portal.

The big question lingering on your mind, therefore, as I guess, would be, “how does one take up this money lying idle on the table?”. Well, that’s exactly what I’m about to tell you. My name is Ekemini Ekpo, your ever-conscious, ever-dynamic, quintessential Networking Business Guide.

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When I checked this morning, Walletours (WTS) was valued at $0.29 at this pre-launch stage. What happens when it gets to ICO level and gets fully integrated? Boom!! The price is bound to double or triple in a matter of days or weeks. Now, Walletours (WTS) is built on the Ethereum technology and could be exchanged with Ethereum itself and even bitcoin! The philosophy of the company is Tourism and allied businesses.

Walletours (WTS) is giving out a whopping 1000 token units of the coin at its pre-launch stage for absolutely FREE and entry closes this Thursday.  I’ve got mine, and you should, too. I guess it’s not too late to opt-in. All that you have to do to claim this free money is to sign up an account with Walletours (WTS) now and boom!! It’s all yours!! For the records, once again, I’ve got mine and the screenshot below attests to that.

Now, let’s do the math to see how I arrived at the N98, 600 above. I’ll use bitcoin as the conversion factor, being the most popular cryptocurrency today. Recall that Walletours (WTS) allows you to convert your coin to Bitcoin, which you could sell and get fiat currency (Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Naira etc.)


Today, 1 unit of Walletours (WTS) is valued at $0.29.

Also, $1 of BTC is valued at N340. So, if you multiply 1000 units of Walletours (WTS) tokens with $0.29, that’s going to give you $290.

Multiply $290 with N340 (Naira exchange rate for bitcoin in dollars), you’ll get N98,600 when the coin is finally launched on February 28, 2018.

*remember that this price is bound to triple in a matter of days or weeks.


So, what are you waiting for? Hop-in now and grab your N98, 600 while it’s still hot. You’re not doing anything. This is not a referral program and not a networking business either. No Ponzi, No scheme. It’s just the way the cryptocurrency market is: New coins always give out free tokens at the prelaunch stage.

The beauty of Walletours (WTS) is that the free token coins they give is just so much (a whopping 1000 units free) and the value per coin ($0.29) is quite high. See, there is so much money to pick off the table. So, why wait? Sign up now or stand to cry when we’ll be cashing in.

And remember, you don’t even have to buy the coin. All you have to do is Signup today and get your free 1000 token coins today. It couldn’t be better than this!!!

Here’s your direct sign-up link: SIGNUP HERE

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