"On Marriage and The girl of Today"


The problem with most of our girls is that they dont want to work, they dont want to suffer themselves and engage in financially rewarding endeavours. Thats the truth. The girl of today would aimlessly be on social media from morning till night, after that you see her in the salon either doing her hair, fingers, eyelids, eyebrows, and other
associated body-extras. Most can spend upto three hours on make-up and dressing. From there she locates a friend of same folk and gossip begins. She hardly stays at home to learn the basics and complexities of homekeeping, nor does she try to live a life worthy of a wife-to-be. She is very insultive, arrogant and stubborn. Yet she is the first to render special numbers at religious services and can fast for weeks. Her voice is the loudest in the congregation and she quotes scriptures more than the devil, yet her life is not good.

Tell me, how will i marry such a girl? When she has over 30 boyfrinds she keeps rotating and decieves, and would readily oblige to any guy that comes by? What are you telling me? No girl has only one guy, no matter how honest she pretends to be. Once bitten twice shy!

The girl of today should have nothing to say about someone wasting her time. You wasted all your energy and time on frivolities and non-Profitable ventures while still young, hoping on “Mr. Right” that is hardly right and driving away every possible suitor in preference for the fancy guy with cars and gold. However, the guys would be busy building a future for themselves, the product of which is the lucre you now want to enjoy. So you expect him to throw his hard earned money on you without a reward? Even the most generous devil in hell wouldn’t do that.

The girl of today must readjust, get a trade/skill/education and be prepared for the future. The first thing should not necessarily be marriage Madam! Why tie down yourself to just a single thing and become a bait for it? Readjust your mentality, please. If not, no matter how much you try to blame the guys you’ve been running around with, other people, friends and colleagues including your ancestors in the village, it would be nothing but a sheer waste of time. If a girl of 25 cannot tell me categorically what she would do if i gave her N100, 000 and/or her vision for the future, who is wasting someone’s time here? All you think about is marriage and only a fool like you will marry you either to waste his resources on you as a fool or to follow you around to live a more significant foolish life.

Marriage will come, but then, it is not everything. What happens after the nuptial nut is tied? If you must marry, marry well. And one thing is certain, not all relationships must end in marriage, so ask questions and open up on your relationship status before you start. Let both of you know what’s up right from day one, not when you’ve eaten his hard earned income you now claim to be dating someone else, well if its some crazy guys, i know you will either vomit the chicken you’ve been eating, all the drinks, cash, time, luxury and inconveniences or go down for it, simple.

Sadly though, the girl of today is greedy, very greedy. That is why she has so many troubles. Her love for quick leisure and luxury has left her with more unusual wounds than is necessary. For the love of fun, she has become a slave and for the love and haste of money and marriage, she is bought and sold.

De Kemcy
-Writes from AWKA, Nigeria.
-9th Jan. 2016

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