PART 1: What is DBS all about?

PART 1: What is DBS about?

DBS: Direct bank Saver (

DBS is acronym for Direct Bank Saver. It is an online income saving service  oerated by Direct Bank Affiliates – company established in 2014 and situated at 2, Agura road, by Sabo round about, Sagamu, Ogun state, Nigeria, the SERVICES OVERVIEW of the company is as follows:

  • Business Development sheltering
  • Investment and Loans servicing
  • Easy funding and Direct Bank Savings to your Bank account

Over the years, the company has continued to deliver on its mandate of assisting entrepreneurs and business owners:

  • Get free soft loan financing for small business of N250,000 as aggregator member and N50,000 and Developer member
  • Earn N5000 instantly to your bank account per prospect from your affiliate channel in the DBS earn as you go project
  • Also earn a yearly recurrent annual income of N12,000 on your project account balance without refferring any affiliate through DBS no refferal project

If you take a look at the last two sections of their services, that is the interesting part that concerns us. Earlier on I’ve written on this already, you can simply read that up here.

Now someone would ask me, how does the DBS system work? Let me explain from my own personal experience as a subscriber in this company, DBS. How does DBS work?

However, before expatiating on the above, let me make something very clear to you – which is what the DBS company really seeks to achieve. there are two major sides to it.

SIDE-1: Empowering Nigerians for Self-Empowerment Via Self Development
Have you heard that adage which says, “if you want to hide something from a black man, put it in the book?”. To an extent, this is true but DBS Company has come to strategically demystify this fallacy.
The DBS Company markets business ideas – relevant, functional and legit business ideas that work –  and they are expanding their scope to a national level.
As a new Subscriber to the company, you are obligued to buy these e-books (or e-books) for your personal financial growth and development. that is what the N5500 you will be paying is for. originally, these e-books go for about N13,000 for the complete set. But the company has agreed to subsidize it for you from N13,000 to N5500.

So in that sense, it is amed at empowering you on how you can do so many things like import products, set up businesses, develop products like ebook cvers, and other legit and tested-working motivationals by authors of renown. that is one side to it.
SIDE-2: Empowering Nigerians for Self-Empowerment Via Front-Line Commisions

what does the company mean by Front-Line Commission?

Now, there is  no way you can register on the DBS platform without a DBS Merchant Affiliate ID. To be able to register a new account, you must use an already existing  DBS Merchant Affiliate ID to enter into the system and then register your own account.
you will be told required to provide a username in the process of registering, which automatically becomes your own DBS Merchant Affiliate ID  for onward registration of another subscriber.
That person whose DBS Merchant Affiliate ID you use to register your own account on the DBS palatform is your Front-Line and gets credited with N4000  out of the N5500  you deposit into the DBS Bank Account.
You, the new user on the other hand on letting out your DBS Merchant Affiliate ID for another subscriber to register on the DBS website will equally benefit N4000  each time a new user registers a DBS account using your own DBS Merchant Affiliate ID.

So it goes on and on and on like that. the more people you get to register on the DBS Platform using your DBS Merchant Affiliate ID, the more money you make instantly to your Naira bamk account everyday!

To register on the DBS website as a new Subscriber, use this DBS Merchant Affiliate ID to enter the site: iamdekemcy
Click Here To Learn how to Register your own DBS Account using the DBS Merchant Affiliate ID above.
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