PART 5: Special Bonus For New DBS subscribers

When I said you are my millionaire friend I wasn’t mincing words. Maybe you have not read my article on How to make much money after becoming a DBS subscriber. When I started writing these articles on how you can make as much as N200,000 monthly using just N5500 without setting up a business center or being under the employ of anyone, I left a promise which I’m implementing right away.
I had stated elsewhere how feasible this is, but I just want reinstate that here in this finishing article. Remember, this has been a set of 5 Articles on this wonderful DBS income driver. You may check them out here:


Register by Yourself

When you register or get someone to register for a new DBS Account with the DBS company at as explained here and here, you are asked to Enter DBS Marketing ID to Continue. 
Enter this: iamdekemcy 

Register through us

The DBS Affiliate programme allows older, experienced Marketers like myself to help new subscribers register to avoid making mistakes. So, I can help you register and activate your account instantly online if you contract me for that. Click here to get started.


For reading this blog, I am offering every new DBS Subscriber for the next one week a chance to promote their own DBS Marketing ID on this site and my other sites for FREE!!

To qualify for this offer, contact me first on 07085763316 before registering, let me activate your number on my list.  I will reply you and immediately activate your account so that the next subscriber registers using your own DBS Marketing ID and you make your N4000 back within 24hours!!

I could also promote your DBS Marketing ID on my SMS & Email Portal respectively!!
This could earn you between N20, 000 and N100, 000 a week and the offer is limited to 100 people only.


I have noted in my preliminary articles that there is a difference between a Coach and a Boss. What a coach does is to motivate you to success but most bosses would want to exploit you and use you to their advantage. Listen, I am not your boss. Rather, I am here to coach you to success, real success! 
So I want you to also grow. I decide to take a part of my commissions and run adverts for you so that you too will grow and be encouraged to make more money. Is that not what a good coach does to his clients? What is the essence of eating all the money all by myself  while I leave you as a young child to wander like a child without a guardian? 
Others will simply tell you to register with them and leave you to go around and find yourself around. But I am different. You must understand the difference between greed and sustainable, holistic business endeavor – which is what I want us to establish: that long-lasting relationship that demystifies time and seasons. 
Hence, contact me for activation of your dial on my contact before you commence registrations. This will give you that startup boost to make even more money on receiving your first alert. You can always contact me here
Once I get the first 100 people, I will close this window. So make hay while the sun shines.
See you on the brighter side of life…. To your success!! 

a. Before you begin online registration on the DBS portal 
b. Whenever you run into troubles 
c. For free DBS technical advice 
d. On the spot live DBS business solutions 
When asked to Enter DBS Marketing ID to Continue, enter this: iamdekemcy 

Ekemini Ekpo (B.Eng.)
Internet Entrepreneur/Coach
Affiliate Marketer at 

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