6 Top Reasons Why People Don’t Get Jobs

Susanna has asked herself the same question many are currently asking – why am I not getting a job interview? But Susanna is not alone in the quest to get jobs.

If you are also bothered and you keep wondering, I am not getting job what should I do, then stay on as I will tell you shortly. The reasons for not getting a job after interviews are not far-fetched, as you will soon discover in this article.

For others, it is the problem of being rejected after job interviews, so they keep wondering, why am I not getting hired after interviews? And, why am i not getting hired anywhere? I keep getting rejected after interviews, why?

Stop Complaining, and See this…!

While you are complaining that there are no jobs or that you don’t get jobs, many people are getting employed daily.

It is not uncommon to find people finding it difficult to get jobs in our society. Most times, the fault is from the very people who complain. At other times, they are not the cause.

In this article, therefore, I will be sharing with you what I’ve found, both as an employer, a member of a panel of employers and, an employee in the job market.

I have carefully tilted this piece “6 Top Reasons Why People Don’t Get Jobs”. These also count for why many people don’t stay too long on a job.

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Is There Any Such Thing As “NO JOBS”

No! there is no such thing as no jobs. Jobs are everywhere and spring up every day. I don’t believe there are no jobs for a reason. The society is full of problems and people need solutions to these problems. In the quest to solving old problems, new problems emerge.

Before the world finds solutions to those problems, newer problems emerge. So, you see, the circle goes on and one. From one problem to another. Someone must fix these problems. But who will? That should be you. So why are you not fixing these problems?

For every problem you fix, you get compensated for it. You get a pay. So, why are you not fixing problems to get a payment? Let’s find out in the following section. You will be happy with yourself after reading this.

The Real Problem

I don’t believe there is such a thing as no jobs. I’m writing an eBook on this subject which will be published soon.

The problem is that many people, especially in Third world countries such as Nigeria, want to live in the city or live the city life in the towns and villages. everyone just wants to drive posh cars and compete with others, wear gold jewellery and have holidays in Paris. That is really not so overseas.

As I travel across this country, I see large farmlands lying bare and untapped. I see raw opportunities which are unused yet, many are crying and complaining that there are no jobs.

What kind of jobs are people really looking for? Who are they leaving the work in the villages and suburbs for? Rural-urban drift has done more harm to our farmlands and made our youths dullards and destitute in the midst of plenty, in their fatherlands.

My cousin makes hundreds of thousands of Naira from cucumber farming. A few months back, we made our own garri which we ate for over two months. That was worth over N100,000.

Many people don’t want to do alternative businesses. many are looking for white-collar jobs which are very scarce. that’s why many resorts to yahoo yahoo, betting, scam and Ponzi. These hardly last long.

The Real Reasons Why Many People Don’t Get Jobs

Familiarity & Needless Pride

I have come to realize that most people who are very close to the employer find it hard to get jobs. Instead, people who afar off do get jobs easily. The reason because most people seem to underrate the job givers’ capacity based on his/her status quo.

For example, if I post a job opportunity on my Facebook timeline or to my WhatsApp contacts, only a handful of my friends and colleagues respond. Most times, they assume that I’m joking, but unknown to them, I meant business.

That is how they miss some real opportunities which they could have benefited from had it been they kept familiarity aside and took me seriously. So, I find out that many people who get jobs from me are people from outside and not my friends or colleagues.  

As such, undue familiarity is a killer of job opportunities. It doesn’t matter who the job giver is, his background or socio-political status. In as much as you can deliver, go for the job and forget the person’s physical or social standing. You never can tell if he or she is the saviour you have waited for.

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Lack of Required Skills

Lack of skills is another killer of job opportunities. Most times jobs come based on skills and many people lose them due to lack of relevant skills to do them.

Listen, nobody hires someone for nothing. If you are offered a job, it is to fulfil a purpose, and this goes with your level of skill acquisition or ability.  You can’t-do the job of a farmer, if you have been a carpenter all your life, and lack farming skills. Expertise is also important, as well as diversification of skills.

You must diversify your knowledge and skills stream and be ready for whatever job that comes by. unskilled people hardly land good jobs because skills acquisition is an important panacea for jobs consistency and progress.

Poor Packaging and Preparation Does Not Allow Many To Get Jobs

The way you place yourself in the highly competitive job market will decide whether you will land a job soon. You cannot be expecting to get a job as an electrician when you’re always playing football with friends all day.

You need to be well positioned in the industry. Be at the right place at the right time and for the right purpose, with the right people. if you must land a good job soon, you need to package and place yourself, as well as your CV and resume.

With this in place, at the slightest opportunity, you can always go for the next available job and get it without much stress. So, the packaging really matters in trying to get jobs today.

Many People Don’t Get Jobs Because They Don’t Want To Start Small

Pride is really denying so many people of golden job opportunities. For example, I have people who worked for me on a very small payout papers. After some time, better opportunities came by, and there was the need to improve on their pay packages, which I did.

Still, within my team, there were people who joined two to three jobs to earn a higher income. I was ok with that, in as much as they could deliver on time and to the requirement, which they did. The job market today is indeed highly competitive. As such, there is nothing wrong with combining jobs.

Many people looking for jobs of payouts ranging into hundreds of thousands or millions of Naira, most of which hardly exist.  The proper thing to do is to go for a job irrespective of the initial pay package. Where possible, combine it with other jobs to get a higher payout. There is nothing wrong with that. Remember, the Bible says, “despise not the days of little beginnings”

People Don’t Get Jobs Because They Lack Necessary Convincing Power

Many people miss jobs or jobs miss many people because they lack the capacity to convince the potential employer to give them the jobs. From my experience, people get jobs in either of two ways:

  1. You are needed, so you apply;
  2. You need the job, so you canvas.

If you are needed for a job, an advert will be placed, and people will be asked to apply for the job. Most of the time, you are needed for a job. On the other hand, you need the job. What happens here is that you will be the one moving around, asking people if they need your services.

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An Example

Let me give you an example. When I got one of my well-paying rewriting jobs, at least at the time, here is what I did. I simply approached the would-be employer and tried as much as possible to sell my sell to him.

What I mean is that I tried to convince him as much as possible that indeed I’m capable to deliver. Many people applied for the job, but I was chosen because of my convincing power.

So, when you ask why didn’t I get the job after a great interview, or why am I not getting hired, there lies the answer.

If I need a job, just any job within my field, I will get it. Thanks to God, I have great convincing power. These are not mere talks because I work very hard to build my portfolio.

Though I was not bugging, never, I would from time to time chip in a few words, citing my past works and even promising to do part of the jobs for free. To a proud person, that would sound a stupid thing to do.

Work for free? What?! But what is more stupid than staying all month without a penny in your pocket? I think that’s the more stupid thing to do, and I can’t be so stupid, you know.

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Another Example

Here is another example. I used over 3 hours to create this article which you are reading now. I did all the editing by myself, including proofreading and formatting. You can’t find a copy like this elsewhere unless someone copied my work.

But I’ve published it on my website no doubt about that. I’m not paid to do this, but it’s what works for me – giving premium tips out for free. It’s a convincing reason.

The marketplace is highly competitive. As such, you need to really sell your brain if you must make good gains. Few people understand this.

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Low Commitment and Prayer.

Another reason many people don’t get jobs is lack of commitment and prayer. There is no gainsaying the fact that prayers move mountains.

For those who believe in God and have faith, is important when it comes to getting jobs that you keep up a cordial working relationship with God and have strong faith in God.

Believe that with God, all things are possible and have no doubt in your heart about getting a job soon. You will be surprised at what God will do for you by giving you a well-paying job soon.

My prayer is that everyone reading article and who is now unemployed will get a good paying job soon.


So, there you have it on the top 6 reasons why many people don’t get jobs, don’t get good paying jobs, or don’t stay long on a job. This also could be the 6 Top Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Job. It is not that jobs are not there.

I tell people, the day jobs will finish, that day the world ends. Because, for a certainty, in as much as we are in this world, there is bound to be problems and in as much as there are problems, someone will always be on hand to solve them. There lies the job or employment.

The question is, are you ready, and do you have what it takes? Scroll up to find out once more.


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