Science, ICT and eBusiness

We have developed complete materials on this topic already – Science, ICT and eBusiness for UNIUYO students and others who need this material.

Science, ICT and eBusiness
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Science, ICT and eBusiness – How to Get Complete Materials

If you are really serious about getting the complete set of materials on this topic, Science, ICT and eBusiness, then there are 4 kinds of materials you can get on this topic.

1. Source/Raw Materials

Over 30 Source (Raw) documents – PDF, Ms. Word files, Journal & Research materials, Powerpoint slides etc. on this topic. Available via email, WhatsApp, flash etc. 

PRICE: N500 

2. Complete, Developed Special Materials

Order for a completely new work from Abstract to References. Get within 24 hours, copy into foolscap sheets, submit! 

PRICE: N1300

3. Handwritten Materials.

Get 12-15 pages of handwritten paper on this topic within 24 hours. Place an order now. 

PRICE: N1500

4. Already Prepared Materials.

Already prepared materials on this topic, Science, ICT and eBusiness are available right now. It’s a complete document from Abstract – References!

They are bulkier than Complete Special Materials, 25 pages in print!!! With this complete materials, simply paraphrase the content and submit. 

PRICE: N1000


It is very easy to meet us. We are located inside UNIUYO Town campus. All you need to do is to place a call right now and your job would be delivered as requested. 


07085763316 (this number is also available on WhatsApp)

Please note that we use only APA and/or MLA referencing styles for this work.

Also, note that we accept a deposit of at least 30-50% for our handwritten works and special materials. Other materials are Cash-and-Carry!


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