The Deadly SINs of Startups and The Sure Escape Route to Sustainable Success (in brief)

One big Start-up mistake you would ever make is to try to be like others. That is where your failure begins. Being able to overcome this is the starting point of your success. Even when you have competitors doing similar thing, your work is not to fight them. For example, in the blogging industry i may rank today (as i used to back in the days), but tomorrow another person displaces me totally to the 2nd or 3rd page.

I’ve never worried about this, because it’s a game. They seem to who know much more than i do have advantage over me. So the problem is mine. It is my duty to sit down, decode, strategize and re-strategize (NOT TO PULL THEM DOWN) but to take my own spot.
You may be the first, but you may not be the best – always take solace in these words. Changes happen, so when you see your neighbor excelling, don’t envy them, but celebrate them. Stop being like somebody, be yourself – and remember, if you don’t have meaningful value to add, you will soon siphon out!

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