8 STRONG Reasons Why UNIUYO Post UTME Admission Screening 2017 May NOT Hold Today & The 2 Reasons Why You Must Still Come

Nobody knows for now if UNIUYO Post UTME Admission Screening 2017 will still hold today, September 18th, 2017. Many indices show that UNIUYO Post UTME Admission Screening 2017 will NOT hold today, September 18th, 2017. 

However, it is not enough reason to quickly conclude that the screening exercise will not hold. But then, the indicators below are enough for anyone to back off. But don’t! See Eight Reasons below and Two more valid reasons towards the end of this write-up.

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1. The School Has Postponed Its Resumption Date

The school has declared a postponement to its resumption date, earlier slated for today September 18th, 2017.

This according to the bulletin published in notices boards on campus, is due to the ongoing strike actions by UNIONS in Universities across the country, of which University of Uyo, Uyo is not excluded from.

You can recall that ASUU first went on strike, which has not been officially called off yet. Just last week, NASU joined.

2. ASUU & NASU Strike is Still Ongoing

Understand that ASUU and NASU strikes are still ongoing. Last week, I observed the ASUU Charmain, Dr. Aniekan Brown addressing his people (ASUU members) during ASUU meeting at CBN Auditorium, Town Campus.

I don’t know the outcome of that meeting yet. But one thing is certain, and that is, ASUU Strike is still ongoing.

NASU, on the other hand, is also on strike. I don’t know yet if theirs is a solidarity strike to support ASUU or they are out to voice their own aggression.

But one thing is sure, and that is the fact that those who are supposed to conduct the screening and oversee the process from today are nowhere to be found yet.

It is on these premises that one may be tempted to ask, “Who then will conduct the screening exercise, being that those who are meant to conduct and supervise the screening are on strike!?”

3. All UNIUYO Campus Gates Are Locked

As a rejoinder, the UNIUYO campus gates as at today are all locked and people are not allowed entrance into the school premises.

4. UNIUYO Post UTME Screening Registration 2017 is Still Ongoing

Let me also shock you with another one – Registration for UNIUYO Post UTME Admission Screening 2017 is still ongoing.

If the screening was to hold today, by now the portal should have been shut down, to allow the administration time to sort out how to control and regulate the population coming from Monday.

But till now, candidates are still registering. The school can’t just wake up today morning and conduct screening when they are yet UNSURE of the actual population coming.

5. No Admission Screening Flex “Directional” Banners at The Gates Yet

Let me also shock you with another one.

If truly UNIUYO was to conduct screening by today, the usual flex banners always mounted at the gates (First, Annex, Main) would have been up by now.

But as I’m talking to you now, such is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND at any of the campus gates!

6. No Public Announcements Yet

Can I also tell you that no announcement has yet been made on radio or TV, as is often the case, inviting candidates for the screening from today! This is indicative that the screening may not hold!

7. No Updates on The School’s Websites

Listen, the school as at this hour has not made any publication on its website that there is a postponement or anything close to that. So, no one know, we are still observing.

8. No Post UTME Screening Preparation Meetings for Staffs & Officials

I wonder when, where and how the school management managed to get lecturers and members of the Non-Academic Staffs together to plan for today, as nothing to that effect has been reported yet, nor is even feasible, because those guys are on STRIKE!

Did they then hold the meeting in the night, or in space? Where? Because they always meet to decide the fate of the Screening.

It’s something I have knowledge of for the past five years. In fact, all schools do that. This is an academic environment. The school management can’t just wake up to conduct a screening without preparations and planning!

UNIUYO Screening Requirements 2017/2018

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2 Valid Reasons Why You Must Still Come for UNIUYO Post UTME Admission Screening 2017/2018.

Yes, it is certain that 8 of my reasons have clearly shown that the UNIUYO Post UTME Admission Screening 2017/2018 may really not hold, at least from common sense. But is that enough reason why you must stay back? No!

As I was preparing this article, two things struck my mind, of which the second is very important.

1. No Notification of Postponement of UNIUYO Post UTME Admission Screening 2017/2018 on UNIUYO Official Website – uniuyo.edu.ng

Till now, there is no information on the Official University of Uyo website – uniuyo.edu.ng that there is going to be a change in the Schedule for UNIUYO Post UTME Admission Screening 2017/2018.

At least when there was to be a postponement for that of UNIUYO Post Graduate Screening 2017/2018, there was a notification to that effect. This was published days to the commencement of the initial UNIUYO Post Graduate Screening Dates 2017/2018.

2. The UNIUYO SUG Says, Come!

There is a release by the Directorate of Information from the University of Uyo Student Government, SUG, made available last night as indicated below, inviting all candidates to the Screening. 

The Memo counters all rumours and bias fronting a purported postponement. It is, as I believe, a well thought out and well-consulted information, which, since it’s coming from the Director of Information, UNIUYO SUG, it seems to be very valid and authentic.

My Final Verdicts

These are STRONG indications that UNIUYO Post UTME Admission Screening 2017 WILL NOT Hold Today – But Still, don’t fail to make yourself available from today for the screening.

From common sense, when you compare 8 against 2, it is apparent that the former should win. But in a situation such as this, we have to compare both common sense, uncommon sense, non-sense and reality. However it goes, it will go down today.

See the UNIUYO Post UTME Admission Screening 2017 – Venues, Dates, Tims here

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Rome may be built in One day. After all, this is Nigeria, where monkeys play the drums and chimpanzees dance to the tune!

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I remain yours truly in love and faith.

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