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Welcome to . is an integrated platform that seeks to promote effective information, aids, materials and services that would facilitate rapid development of education in Nigeria.
This website id primarily for writings, all kinds of academic writings ranging from assignments to Research materials. We also provide study and preparatory materials for assignments, tests and exams within the domain of  Nigerian Secondary schools, Tertiary Education Institutions and post Tertiary education. You can hire us for Lectures, Tutorials etc.
This website is owned by de kemcy @ www.google.com/+dekemcy. However, jobs here are outsourced to respective experts who take charge of their respective areas of interest and specialization. De kemcy administrates, controls, regulates and directs affairs on the site.
You may scroll up this page for more information About us, Contact Us, Our Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and a list of services we provide here on this site,
Email: admin@examsandschools.com
Official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/kokoforum
Twitter: @dekemcy
Phone: 07085763316
– The Group, 2013.

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