Why Single Ladies Chase Married Men and Married Men Chase Single Ladies + Who Gives More Loves More

Why Single Ladies Chase Married Men and Married Men Chase Single Ladies + Who Gives More Loves More
De Kemcy
Founder, TWG
**The concepts discussed here are only general scenarios and reflects the author’s personal thoughts. Please never take it personal.

Most single ladies if not all, wish to get married (or at least attached) to rich, well-to-do men. No young woman is in her real sense of thought really ready to settle for anything less. Young women in their late teens, early and mid-twenties are all on the rampage for Mr. Right (who is not always right after all) and to get him, they would do anything possible. Of course, they know that their body is best face value and beauty is what the men cherish most of the time. They have hence decided to explore it to full potentials to win the men of their dreams to their advantage.

As the quest continues, together with the panic even as time begins to tell on a young woman she tends to become tipsy, looking for all means to get things done, and that really fast! The target would then shift from the young, energetic men who most of the time do not seem to have what they need at the moment, to the “oldies” who have acquired substance stacked up over the years. And so, the young woman would rather pursue the “oldies” – most of which are married – in preference of the young men who are still struggling to survive. Love aside! Once they get settled by way of marriage – not necessarily to the “oldies”, the chase reduces for the young women and the men tend to take it up from there – or should i say, begin from where they (then young men) stopped. Of course by itself, nature would take its course – the beauty fades off and the allure begins to depreciate with the speed of light as the days roll.
What happens to their counterpart on the other side – the young men who at the moment may not be able to satisfy the desires and needs of the moment is simply a matter of time and tide. The young men would quietly let things slide while insecure, especially financially, because at the moment there is no money to really throw around. He works, gets some money and finally gets married. Once he gets settled, at least by that time he is secure financially and otherwise – the time to begin or continue exploring the game begins for him. By this time, the young women of then might have added up age, so he won’t necessarily go back to them again as the face value might have depreciated. The man would then get into town – now with enough cash in hand, in his own car – which he did not have to attract the young women at that time, and begin his wooing parole. This is how sugar mummies and sugar daddies are made. 
The most handsome man is the man who has money to give – the allure is not necessarily significant for the man once he is ready to spare, and he never really fades off as the ladies, even after getting married for years. The logic is simply called, “postponing the grooving days”. What could not be achieved back then due to shortage of means and substance would now be possible as the money keeps coming in. Anyone who toes these paths may be considered irresponsible. But then, someone made someone bad, case closed!
The above may seem appalling – but not as bad as the ignorance and arrogance of some guys. Cases abound where young men would part away with their small earnings just to please women. That to me is stupidity because one day she’s going to leave you and cling to some other man,perhaps, the “oldies”

Personally, I think women should be given their place for things to roll on. Paying undue attention to them could ruin your career as a young man, for it is absurd yet true that he who pays more loves more. If Guy A gives a girl N5000 and Guy Bgives the same girl N10, 000 without much stress, invariably in the minds of the ladies, it is Guy B that shows the more love. It may not necessarily be money – care, support, attention etc also constitutes. Who gives more, loves more! Over to the comments section. I’ve said my own, now it’s your turn – lets discuss!!

De Kemcy [Ekemini Ekpo] writes from Awka, Anambra State.

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