Worries as Apollo Infection takes over UNIUYO engineering faculty, permanent site, use. infection purpoted to originate from portable water supply.

it is no more child’s play as the outbreak of the contagious eye Redding infection termed “APOLLO” is fast taking over the engineer faculty of the university of
uyo, within days since it was first notices early hours of monday morning, July 21st, 2014.

The male presidential hostel – inside walkway

The pavement, male presidential hostel, use

Outside the male presidential hostel, use.
the infection, which according to the strong male engine hostilities, can be traced down to the source of water supply, which has not been treated nor changed for a very long time now. Also cite as being responsible for the outbreak of the Apollo infection in the male presidential hostel is the seemingly low level of hygiene among the hostellites, a situation which the hall occupants and school management should please look into urgently to prevent further spread of the infection.

At the moment, management, except that of the male presidential hostel seems to be ignorant of this development. Perhaps, it is hoped in a matter of days, the situation would be kept at bay. Management is please implored to take a bold step to stem this onslaught as the health of the hostilities is of great importance.

Meanwhile, just two days ago, a new hall chair was swarn in, to continue the good work of sanitizing the male Presidential hostel, permanent site, use-nwaniba. Details on this coming soon.

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